To Tame A Highland Warrior

To Tame A Highland Warrior - Karen Marie Moning


3.5 helms


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Our mysterious Grimm from the first book gets his story now and I was really excited to start it as he really piqued my curiosity from the first book!


There is no time travel in this romance, but a play on an ancient Norse legend of the Bersekers, who are legendary warriors fabled for their trance-like fury and prowess on the battlefield. Gavrael McIllioch vows never to return to his home and forsakes his name, castle, clan and identity after witnessing his father murder his mother in a Berseker rage. Changing his name to Grimm to protect his identity and to avoid detection from the rival clan intent on killing off the Bersekers, he travels far and wide from the highlands, determined to escape his ancestor's curse and to not give into the temptation of falling in love, with Jillian St. Clair, although protecting and watching over her from afar. "Come for Jillian" is the urgent summons Grimm receives one day, which Grimm cannot ignore and races towards Jillian's home to find himself embroiled in a competition to win her hand in marriage.


Jillian St. Clair has always loved Grimm and there has never been another in her heart, even after he left her suddenly and without explanation all those years ago. Now he was back, thanks to her father's game, urging her not only to wed but to choose another other than himself for her hand in marriage! Grimm had never disclosed his true nature to Jillian, as he feared not only her rejection but his inability to control his actions under the influence of the Berseker rage and cause her harm unknowingly. But with Jillian in such tempting close proximity, Grimm struggles with his vow of not giving into his love and desire for her and Jillian proves that she is the only one who can tame Grimm, his fears and his true Berseker nature.


The story sounded promising and Grimm seemed quite an enigma in the first book but I felt like the story was slightly anticlimactic at the beginning. It also only picked up for me and got interesting in the last 60% of the book. We also have another love trianglish sort of situation (similar to the first book) where the heroine has her choice of suitors (3 suitors!). Jealousy in this instance felt a bit more manipulated and calculated and I didn't find it cute at all. It also got really frustrating how Jillian and Grimm kept getting into misunderstandings and bouts of self-pity and moments of "oh does Jillian really love me? I didn't know that!, But she must marry someone else I cannot be the one for her, Oh Grimm I love you, but you don't, but I think you do". Jillian was also very hard to like at the beginning as she just sounded shrewish, whiny and immature and Grimm was portrayed as a strong brooding, tortured alpha hero but with a lot of self loathing thrown in.


Again this book is similar to the first and has historical inconsistencies, unscottish modern language and interesting character name choices. Despite the cons, KMM always proves she can write well, as this deceptively light hearted story had humor as well as danger peppered within. She also manages to keep the ending sweet and satisfying and it was nice to see Grimm at peace with himself and Jillian finally get her man without all the drama! This is a keeper as it is part of a keeper series for me :)