Ice Planet Holiday by Ruby Dixon

Ice Planet Holiday: A SciFi Holiday Alien Romance (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 5) - Ruby Dixon

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Cute re-visit to the sa-khui planet and our favourite horned aliens :) . Stemming from a hot pool gathering, all the girls missed holidays and decided to start one of their own! "Not Poison Day" was hatched (wait till you get to the part of how the name came about! HAHA!) and both caves get together for the celebrations :) .


This is sorta like a "Not Poison Day" novella but with some focus on Claire and Ereven as the main couple duo. You get to read from many POVs which was nice but beware of whining Georgie! Holy crap she whinged a lot in this, it was quite irritating and really grated on my nerves  >_<


Claire had shacked up with Bek in the newer caves in a pseudo mating arrangement and now she is having second thoughts due to his controlling nature. They never resonated for each other and she wants to end things with him, but Bek is not the easiest person to break up with. When everyone gets together in the older caves to celebrate "Not Poison Day", Claire ends things with Bek and stays with the single women despite his protests. He doesn't give up easily on Claire and this is where Ereven steps in and "fakes" an interest in Claire with her blessing to make Bek back off.

Didn't relate much to Claire or Everen, maybe because their relationship was too short and there was so much other stuff happening? It felt bland in comparison to the other novels and Everen was very sweet but I didn't feel like I knew much about him. There was no background story to him, which was a shame as I might have been able to understand him more. Claire is one of the wimpier girls in the group, and I guess I probably want a bit more oomph from my heroines so that I can relate to them. She did grow as a character through this experience with Bek. I also liked the way Ruby Dixon, redeems Bek at the end and doesn't portray him as a bad guy, just misunderstood. Hopefully he also gets a happy ending!

Not one of my favorites but it was a fun, shorter read! You can skip it and not feel like you missed out too much. Guess that's the reason its a half book!