Barbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian Alien - The Complete Serial: A SciFi Alien Serial Romance (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 14) - Ruby Dixon


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Oh boy is this series so addictive! My iPad is beckoning to race over and read the rest as I loved this one too! In this sequel to Ice Planet Barbarians, there is more depth and emotional baggage to deal with in Liz and Raahosh's story and a lot more human and alien culture conflict is touched on. I thought I would find Liz really annoying, as I found her snarky comments in the previous book somewhat uncalled for at times but nope I was fine with her personality! Yes she is a smart-talking wise crack but once Raahosh is under her skin, her gentler side peeks its head and she falls for him just as he has for her.


It wasn't an easy start for these two, with Liz being very against the whole cootie/khui resonance thing and Raahosh resonating for her immediately on sight and accepting this without question. He is one surly blue alien when he realises his designated mate doesn't desire him as he does her! Raahosh is very eager for a mate and a family. So eager, that he forces the cootie on Liz (to be fair, she was going to die without it so he took matters into his own hands!), kidnaps her away from the tribe and holds her hostage and only plans to return her until she falls pregnant with his kit! Sounds barbaric? He was anything but barbaric....sigh...Raahosh is such a softie and he just wants to care for and protect his mate and damn the consequences! He's also never had a lover (adorable virgin alien alert!) as he has always considered himself less desirable to the other female sa-khui due to his broken stump of a horn and physical scars. He's got emotional baggage due to his past family situation and does not want another repeat of his parent's life. But by kidnapping Liz, he has gone against tribe law and has repeated his father's past which had dire consequences and Raahosh has to answer for his actions.


Human slang with hilarious literal translations, erotic love making with interesting alien extras, a feminist heroine and a surly love sick alien makes for some hilarious sexytimes! Highly recommend reading these in order! It's more addictive this way and each book paves the way for the next one!