The Wishing World by Todd Fahnestock

The Wishing World - Todd Fahnestock


 3 helms

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I REALLY REALLY wanted to like this book & almost feel guilty that I didn’t. I just couldn’t get into it, as the story felt confusing with lots going on. It definitely has all the right elements for a children’s book: magic, creativity, good vs. evil, an important quest etc. but it fell short for me. I felt like there were plot holes, some events didn’t make sense or weren’t explained enough & the book felt forced at times.


Maybe that’s the magic of a kids book, not everything has to make sense & I’m just reading this in the viewpoint of a cynical adult! I would still encourage a child to read it, even though it may not be my first choice for them. The cover is just gorgeous & depicts the story quite accurately too :)


*Thank-you Todd Fahnestock, NetGalley & Macmillan-Tor/Forge for the ARC.


** If you do decide to download this book from NetGalley, try reading this in the .pdf (Adobe Digital Editions Format) instead of the kindle format, as the kindle format garbles some of the beautiful illustrations.