A Raven's Heart by K.C Bateman

A Raven's Heart - K. C. Bateman


4.5 helms

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Get ready to feel the yearn in this book! Raven & Heloise just burn up the pages! We get a tease of their story in "To Steal A Heart" and now that we get to read their story in "A Raven's Heart" it does not disappoint! The chemistry was scorching between these two and boy was it fun to watch them both struggle against their wills for each other!


William Ravenwood (Raven) is tortured by his past after being kidnapped at nineteen and held for ransom, which his grandfather, the Duke refused to pay. Bitter and hurt by this betrayal, he shirks his responsibilities to his title and involves himself in a spy ring which also include Nicolas Hampden, his childhood friend and neighbour from the previous book. He is known as The Raven, a smuggler, and an agent who rescues hostages and prisoners of war from captivity. Raven is on a mission to discover the fate of his fellow colleague, Christopher ‘Kit’ Carlisle as Kit has been missing for two years. Heloise, a code breaker for the English government and the younger sister of Nicolas and Richard Hampden has known Raven since childhood and has always loved him. Her youthful declaration of her love at sixteen was rejected by him and even though she has tried to put that incident behind her and move on with her life, her heart has always belonged to Raven. Raven knows this and also secretly harbours feelings for Heloise but considers himself too tainted for her since his capture. He puts distance between them and avoids her as much as possible but she is never far from his thoughts. Heloise decodes a message stating Kit is alive and under capture in Spain, which places her in grave danger as French agents are targeting and killing all English code breakers. Circumstances change suddenly for them as Raven wants to rescue Kit immediately but he is also determined to protect Heloise with his life even if it means taking her against her will to be with him in Spain at all times. Placed in such close proximity to each other, their attraction to each other reaches a crescendo which they both cannot turn away from. Raven constantly tortures himself with the knowledge that he is not good enough for her and Heloise finds Raven an enigma difficult to decipher but their connection to each other is unmistakable and an anchor to which they are pulled inexorably towards until love heals both their scars.


I love this theme of childhood love and the passion that arises when both sides are struggling so hard against their love for each other! Raven and Heloise are just perfect for each other and you can determine that from the first few pages. Heloise is a strong heroine which I love! Not only is she intelligent, she's a damn brilliant code breaker and no shrinking violet. She thinks Raven will never love her back especially after the scar on her face which ruined all other prospects of marriage for her. She throws herself in her work, resigning herself to a life of solitude but utilizes this opportunity with Raven to go after what she has always wanted, even it means getting hurt in the process. Heloise has gumption and grit and she is truly worthy of Raven's hard earned love. Raven is such a tough nut! He is just so determined to stay away from Heloise, which made his fall all the more sweeter. I must admit though I didn't feel like I understood the full extent of why Raven thought he was so flawed for Heloise. I get that he was tortured during his captivity and he realized that he loved Heloise during that time and then he felt undeserving of her love ever since. A little more depth about his reasoning would have added more to the story but otherwise I really really liked Raven! He was cheeky, a rogue he made a very dashing hero and smuggler!


Adventurous and combustive this romance has everything! I just loved the comparison between Hades/Raven and Persephone/Heloise! K.C Bateman again nails a truly unique declaration of love! Loved it!


*Thank-you K.C Bateman, Netgalley & Random House Publishing Group-Loveswept for the ARC