Valley of the Moon by Melanie Gordon

Valley of the Moon - Melanie Gideon


5 helms

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Wow! I was entranced from page one & I couldn’t stop reading! I was hooked! I walked around in a trance when I wasn’t reading & my mind constantly kept drifting off to Lux & Greengage as I wanted to get back to them as soon as possible.This was a highly emotional rollercoaster of a book….I laughed, I cried, I hoped & I loved right along with Lux.


Lux is a single mom who is down on her luck, stuck in a dead-end job with a young child to look after until she travels back in time (while camping!) to 1906 to Greengage, Sonoma Valley. Her life is no longer the same, as she lives in-between two different worlds, balancing the old and the new while facing her own personal challenges of womanhood, motherhood & childhood.


“Valley of the Moon” is fast paced & absolute escapism. It is written with enough suspense that it makes you want to dive into its pages & shut yourself out from the outside world till you reach the end. Melanie Gideon also creates a wonderful world with Greengage & captures the beauty of the simple life much different to the busy world we live in now. There are strong themes of personal growth, love & second chances which are highly thought provoking as they make you reflect, cry & sigh for Lux & her story while reflecting within yourself.


A beautiful, bittersweet book that makes you close your eyes & savour its story long after you close the pages.


*Thank-you Melanie Gideon, Netgalley & Ballantine for the ARC & a truly wonderful & memorable read.