Forbidden Legacy by Diana Cosby

Forbidden Legacy - Diana Cosby

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I had a great time reading about The Knights Templar in this book. It’s one side of history I never fully grasped but “Forbidden Legacy” had some interesting facts which prompted me to do further research & understand them a whole lot better. The writing style was good & so was the vernacular which I felt was quite authentic for medieval Scotland & it set the mood for the story quite nicely.

Lady Katherine seeks revenge on the English who have seized Avalon Castle, her family home. She escapes & seeks aid from Robert The Bruce, her godfather, who agrees to help her under the condition she marries Sir Stephan Macquistan, a Knights Templar. Both of them find themselves in an unwanted & sudden marriage but with means to claim both their legacies as Avalon Castle is also Stephan’s ancestral home unbeknownst to Katherine.


The blurb is promising & the twists sound interesting enough but both Stephan & Katherine ruin the book for me. They just bickered & BICKERED for half the book & it was just so exhausting reading about their quarrels. They were both so ANNOYING! There was no sexual tension to make it even remotely interesting. Their “love” was too sudden as they went from fighting to being in love in a matter of pages which was too sudden & not believable at all. The book does improve slightly after they fall in love (as they stop bickering thankfully!) but by now it was too late for redemption & I just wanted the book to be over & couldn’t care less what happened to them both!


*Thank-you Diana Cosby, Netgalley & Kensington Books for the ARC.